Çorum History


Çorum History for the first time in Denizli, 6 km. north of the village of Eskihisar was established around the tombs.

The name Denizli is another name in historical sources. The records of the Seljuks and the court of Denizli are called “Ladik ill. It is called. Tonguzlu “in the book of Ibni Batuta. It was recorded as “Tonguzlu” in Mesaliklelebarsar.

Şerafettin Zeydi, who wrote Timurlenk’s zafernames, mentioned two names like eng Tenguzluğ Z and er Tonguzluğ Tim.

The word tir Tengiz ’means” sea ’in old Turkish. Tir Tengüzlü “means” Denizli ıyla in its current form.

As a result, as stated above, we cannot give a definite name. In our opinion, the words ”Tonguzlu“ and ağ Tenguzlu lu changed from mouth to mouth and became lu Denizli “.

Our province is located on an important route in terms of tourism; Ir Aphrodisias bir is an important cradle of civilization with its ancient cities like Colossae, Tripolis, Hierapolis, Laodikya, white and red travertines and thermal facilities. It is located at the end of the Izmir-Ephesus road known as the m Sacred pilgrimage road “; Located on the conquest and caravan roads separating the city from Mesopotamia and separating Anatolia from the north and south, Denizli gives a special importance to Denizli.

It forms a passage between the Aegean, Central Anatolia and Mediterranean Regions in the southeastern part of the Aegean Peninsula and in the southeast of the Aegean. Our province is located on an important route in terms of tourism; Hittite, Phrygian, Lid, Ion, Roman and Byzantine civilization has been lived in the sines. Nearly 30 ancient cities such as Hierapolis, Laodicea, Tripolis, Herakleia, Attuda and Colossae are the cradle of an important civilization with more than 20 mounds and tumuli. Apart from these Seljuk and Ottoman times, it has been serving cultural tourism with its many historical values.


First Conquests
In Denizli and around, the Turks were first seen in 1070. Afşin Bey plundered Laodicea after capturing the entire Anatolia and captured Honaz.

After 1071, Denizli and its environs were conquered by the beys of Kutalmışoğlu Süleyman Bey.

In 1097, the Byzantine Emperor Alexis Komnenos, Juannis Dukas to the Western Anatolia after the appointment of this region and the Byzantine in this region passed into the hands of the Byzantines. Meanwhile, Turkish forces were in Central Anatolia.

This beautiful town, which remained for a short time in the hands of the Byzantines, was captured by Kılınç Arslan in 1102. After this date, Turkish forces, under the command of Alparslan often made raids on the Byzantine territory. In 1119, the Byzantines attacked Denizli and its region with a large army. For this reason, Alp Kara, who has few forces, had to leave this region. The following year again, the Byzantines captured the lands from Uluborlu.

In 1147 III. The Crusader Army, French King VII. Under Louis’ command, he moved to the south from the Aegean region and occupied Denizli and its vicinity. Moving from the direction of Antalya, the leading units of the crusaders’ army, after passing the Acıpayam Plain, the army’s weights and aftershock units followed the same path and moved to pass the Kazıkbeli. But in the hard-fought guerrilla wars there, the crusader army lost huge losses.

In 1176, the Byzantine Emperor Manuel Komnenos plundered a new expedition to the Seljuk territory and plundered Laodicei and its vicinity and returned to Istanbul. The following year, the Turks came to Laodicea and conquered the city again.

Although Manuel Komnenos had taken over the Laodicea and Honaz neighborhood with a large army in 1177, he was defeated in his battle with the Seljuks. II. Kılınç Arslan then extended his borders and raided the Byzantine lands. The Seljuks obtained great spoils from these raids under the command of Atabey. Under the command of Atabey, the Byzantines defeated this army by setting up an ambush near Sarayköy. Atabey was killed in this war.

After these dates, Turks began to settle in eastern parts of Denizli province. Thus, the Turkish raiders had the opportunity to move to the Küçük Menderes valley.

In 1190 III. The Crusader Army has arrived in Laodicea. The commander of the Crusader army, Frederik Barbaros, was welcomed by the Byzantines. The Turkish tribes settled here, leaving their tents, retreated to the mountains and often attacked the crusader army.

Denizli and its surroundings, approximately XIII. It was conquered by Gıyasettin Keyhüsrev for the 4th time in the first years of the century. According to another rumor, upon the robbery of a Turkish caravan by the Laodicans, a Seljuk army under the command of Mehmet and Server gentlemen from Seljuks defeated the army of Laodicea and took this region as a tribute by the treaty.

Another narrative is: XII. YY. s…

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