Mixed Roast in the Oven

Ingredients for Oven Mixed Roast Recipe

3 potatoes
3 eggplants
6-7 pieces of pepper
2 pieces of pumpkin
3 tomatoes
2 cloves of garlic
3 tablespoons oil
Tomato paste

Making Mixed Roast Recipe in the Oven
Chop all the vegetables, except tomatoes, so that they are not too thick and blend with salt and liquid in a large bowl.

Pour the greaseproof paper onto the baking tray and cook in a 185 degree oven for half an hour.
In the meantime, chop or grate tomatoes for cooking.

Cook in a pan with garlic paste and a little liquid oil and pour over the fry and serve.
You can also make yogurt with garlic. Enjoy your meal.

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